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Liquid Flower: Balanced Calm Tincture (2oz) 150mg


NOT AN OIL TINCTURE – Glycerin / Raw Honey based water soluble Tincture!Liquid Flower tinctures are full spectrum, water soluble and have immediate non-psychoactive & relaxing effects when taken sub-lingually. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking to micro-dose. If stronger body and psychoactive effects are desired, simply increase dose and/or add to a beverage! Due to our process of infusion, homogenization and sonication (a simple chemical-free process of breaking open the cell wall with sound) the cannabinoids become highly bio-available vs. oil tinctures which are closer to 10-20% bio-available. This does not mean it’s more psychoactive but rather more bio-available, since most of the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the blood stream when held under the tongue, they do not reach your liver and digestive system where psycho-activity occurs unless larger amounts are swallowed.Our Balanced Calm tincture is a Whole-Plant Indica infusion featuring Rhodiola to assist reducing stress and anxiety. Contains THCa, THC, CBDa/CBD, CBDVa, CBGa/CBG, CBC, CBNBlended with organic honey, vanilla and cinnamon, it tastes great and can be added to your favorite bedtime tea.

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